Feb 23, 2019

Rifle Accelerometer Update

The inexpensive rifle accelerometer project was a huge hit. It was reshared and featured on other sites like Adafruit, Hackaday, ITS Tactical, and The Firearm Blog! Since then, many readers reached out to me with ideas and suggestions. I'd like to provide a quick update on the progress that's been made thanks to support from readers like you. Thank you!

Feb 2, 2019

Bullet Sorting Experiment - Part One

One of the conclusions that I drew from my Recoil vs Muzzle Velocity experiment was that my reloading practices had some room for improvement. There were two slow rounds in one of the 10-round groups that disappointed me and I had suggested that it might relate to my bullet sorting method. I used this opportunity to create another experiment -- to measure the impact of bullet sorting by weight, bearing length, and by base-to-ogive. Specifically, I wanted to compare the effects of firing the extreme cases side-by-side: (e.g. lightest vs heaviest, longest vs shortest).

Jan 1, 2019

Project: Inexpensive Firearm Accelerometer

You may have already read about this little gizmo from my previous article, where I used it to measure the relationship between Recoil and Muzzle Velocity. Of all the feedback I received, the accelerometer definitely generated the most interest.

What you may not know is that it wasn't the first experiment I had intended to use it on. My original plan was to correlate rifle movement to my 600 yard scores. I wanted to detect if I was flinching or jerking the trigger, resulting in a hit in the 9-ring (or worse).

In this article, I've provided more detail about how I built it, how it works, and how I'd like to improve it.

Dec 12, 2018

Experiment: Recoil vs Muzzle Velocity

Earlier this summer, one of the F-class shooters in our league was trying to diagnose an issue with his new rifle. He was using a reliable load that he had previous success with, but his chronograph was showing some pretty extreme muzzle velocity variation of around 35 ft/s. Remembering a SnipersHide article I had read about recoil management technique contributing to inconsistent muzzle velocity issues, I suggested that as a possible cause. I went home and found the article, intending to share -- but when I read it again, I noticed some things that made me question the results.

Sep 18, 2018

Hello World

This is the inaugural post on the Ammolytics Blog. Welcome!